Forex trading strategies vary in time and effort required, analysis and tools they are based on and, most importantly, market situation they suit. Getting familiar with several strategies may prove beneficial for your trading.

Below you will find a brief description of several commonly used trading strategies. Note, however, that you do not have to follow them to the letter. Whichever strategy you choose, feel free to modify it whenever market situation dictates.

Position trading

Position trading is a polar opposite of scalping: it is a long term strategy where trades can be open for days, weeks or even months. The main objective is to gain substantial profit by participating in a major trend. It requires a proper understanding of fundamentals and a deposit sufficient to sustain minor adverse price fluctuations.

News Trading

Hundreds of economic news are released around the world every day. While some of these news events have little to no impact on the market, others are followed by sharp moves and increased volatility. News traders seek to predict how the market is going to react to a particular event.

Economic calendar is the major tool a news trader employs to track the upcoming releases and predict how can they affect the market. All events scheduled for the current or the following week can be filtered by impact, country, category and time. Since currencies are always traded in pairs, news from both countries involved should be taken into consideration.

In the Economic Calendar you will also find a forecast provided by a financial news agency that conducted a survey among a number of economists regarding their opinion on a particular event. The more actual release data differ from the forecast, the sharper move you can expect.

To learn more you can check our introduction to Fundamental Analysis here.

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